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The heretics are secret followers of a mysterious Source, an entity that grants them power. They are seekers of forbidden and lost magical artifacts containing living spells in a weird and beautiful world.

The Source communicates in strange patterns: fire, winds, the flight paths of birds. The players may treat their Source like an aloof warlock patron that checks in every now and then and doesn’t ask for much, or like an overly involved otherworldly entity on their shoulder, asking when they’re gonna find that goat for the sacrifice, it’s been weeks.

Heretics is a classless system with fast character generation, customizable advancement via feats, a level-less magic system using GLOG magic dice, and a ticking clock death mechanic.

Heretics cover image

Or Oops, All Warlocks!

Version 0.7.1 (initial play testing materials)

Franco A. Alvarado / Root Devil

Refer to the Bibliography for more about this game, including why this game? and things you can specifically cannibalize from this game. Refer also to License for making stuff for Heretics, but I don’t see why you should restrict yourself.